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About NTIP

About NTIP


The Nunavut Teacher Induction Program has been developed by the Nunavut Department of Education and the Nunavut Teachers’ Association (NTA) to help new educators have a smooth transition to working in Nunavut. The program has three key components: the NTIP website, a school-based orientation kit (in development) and a mentorship program (in development).

This website provides newly hired educators with:

  • information about essential forms they need to start work in Nunavut, such as certification, relocation services (if applicable), and key contact information to help with the various processes;
  • important information, including facts about their new schools and communities, as well as access to Nunavut curriculum; and
  • a way to connect with other educators and to learn how to use the entire induction program.


The program’s second component, the school-based orientation kit, will help Nunavut schools develop or enhance their own staff orientation. These orientations will give new teachers and principals access to a welcoming and helpful orientation at the beginning of the school year.

The program’s mentoring program will match experienced teachers with new teachers, helping new hires become familiar with their school, community, and their position.

The entire Nunavut Teacher Induction Program is really about empowering our new hires so that their transition to education in Nunavut is a success! 



The Nunavut Teacher Induction Program aims to:

1. promote teacher retention by addressing new educators orientation and mentoring needs

2. facilitate an informed and supported transition for new educators into the Nunavut school system

3. support new staff members’ understanding of traditional and modern Inuit culture so they can bring this knowledge into their practice

4. support teachers’ development so that it, in turn, enhances students’ academic achievements and learning