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Commission scolaire francophone du Nunavut

Commission scolaire francophone du Nunavut

The Commission scolaire francophone du Nunavut (CSFN) was created in 2004 to respond to the needs of Nunavut’s francophone community and students. The commission is responsible for the management of one francophone school located in Iqaluit, l’Ecole des Trois-Soleils. This school is the most northern francophone school in the entire world.


The CSFN ensures that young right holders achieve school success. In its programs, the CSFN gives priority to the French language as a mean to answer the needs of the French community in a minority environment:

  • French is the language of instruction except for the teaching of English
  • French is the vehicle of French culture
  • French is the language of communication


The CSFN provides the following to children of right holders parents:

  • a francisation program for 4-year-old children
  • a full-time kindergarten program
  • schooling from Kindergarten to grade 12


Responsibilities and Services

The Commission scolaire francophone du Nunavut is responsible for the development of French education in Nunavut.

Members of the Board of directors, school staff and senior management want to:

  • provide francisation measures (French learning support) in a school environment with adequate resources
  • provide an education relevant to students of the French minority and that values the French culture of Nunavut
  • provide support to students with difficulties so that they can progress according to their capacities
  • ensure professional evaluation, and quality coaching and education to staff members
  • adopt policies and regulations to ensure fair and smooth operations in the Commission scolaire
  • implement and enforce the Education Act.



Eight Storey, Room 113

P. O. Box 11 008

Iqaluit, Nunavut

X0A 1H0                              

Tel: (867) 975-2660 (EST)

CSFN website


Note: Image courtesy of Nunatsiaq News (on-line), Jan 28, 2015.