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District Education Authorities

District Education Authorities

A District Education Authority (DEA) is a locally elected body made up of community members interested in education. The DEA works with school staff and Regional School Operations staff. Together, DEAs and RSOs serve many of the functions of a school board and are responsible for school administration in Nunavut. The Coalition of Nunavut District Education Authorities (CNDEA) acts as a supporting organization to all the local DEAs.


A DEA is responsible for making important decisions about how education is delivered in a community. These include:

  • choosing the language of instruction model used in a school

  • establishing the school calendar

  • developing a registration and attendance policy

  • developing an Inuuqatigiitsiarniq (discipline) policy

  • issuing suspensions and expulsions

  • working with Regional School Operations to hire school staff (including teachers and principals)

  • providing an early childhood education program that promotes Inuit language and culture


The various positions/structure that make up the DEA are:

  • each DEA is comprised of seven members;

  • each member is elected for a three-year term;

  • DEA terms are staggered to minimize the effects of member turnover;

  • each DEA includes one chairperson and one vice-chairperson;

  • each DEA has committees on human resources, finance, Inuuqatigiitsiarniq (discipline policies) and attendance; and

  • DEAs must meet at least once a month.


Contact your principal if you would like more information about your DEA. Most local DEAs do not have their own website, but you can always reach them by phone.


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Note: Image of a DEA meeting in Iqaluit. Photo courtesy of the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), Sept 4, 2013.