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Welcome orientation coordinators, mentors and workshop facilitators!

As many of you may know the Nunavut Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) consists of three key components designed to support new hires: this website, a school-based orientation and a mentor program.

1)   NTIP website: This site provides new hires with a “pre-orientation” with information about their new school and community, and helps them access and complete the required paperwork for their new position.

2)   School-based orientation: We will provide individual schools with a kit to plan, implement and (for some schools) enhance their existing orientation for all new hires and returning staff. This school-based orientation kit is currently in development.

3)   Mentor program: This two-year program matches new hires with experienced teacher-mentors to support them in their new position. This component of the NTIP is currently in development.

If you are a program facilitator, this section will provide you with the information and resources you may need to implement any component of the NTIP program.


What are you interested in?

  • I am working on the NTIP website
  • I am an orientation coordinator (OC)
  • I am a workshop facilitator
  • I am a mentor
  • I am a new hire looking for a mentor

Please note: We will activate the links above once their respective programs are implemented.