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What is the difference between an interim professional and an interim standard teaching certificate?

Depending on the applicant’s education and qualifications, teachers may apply for an interim professional or interim standard teaching certificate.

To receive an interim professional teaching certificate you must:

  • hold a teaching certificate that, in the opinion of the registrar, is equivalent to that of a Canadian province or territory;

  • have earned a bachelor of education approved by the registrar;

  • hold an additional university post-secondary degree, other than a degree in education, and have successfully completed one year of coursework in a university faculty of education, both of which are approved by the registrar; and

  • hold a post-secondary degree and possess additional qualifications, or have completed additional requirements requested by the registrar, that the registrar considers equivalent to a year of coursework in a faculty of education.

An interim standard teaching certificate requires that you:

  • meet the registrar’s requirements for this certificate (you must speak with the registrar for details); and

  • have successfully completed a two-year teacher training program at an institution approved by the registrar.

The Government of Nunavut also grants specialty teaching certificates to people with expertise in specialized areas such as the Inuit language and traditional vocational skills. Individuals granted these specialty certificates are restricted to teaching a specific subject and/or grade.