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How to Apply

How to Apply

The territory’s three Regional School Operations (RSOs) and the Commission scolaire francophone du Nunavut (CSFN) forward job postings to the Education Canada website throughout the year. Most jobs are typically posted during the hiring season between March and September. To find out what jobs are currently available in Nunavut, simply visit the Education Canada website.

Before applying, please explore this website for more information. Knowing more about Nunavut’s education system and communities can help you decide whether teaching here will suit you.

General Tips and Information on Nunavut’s Application Process

Suitability — Do your research and make sure the job and community you apply to suits you (and, if applicable, your family). This website is a great resource.

Completing paperwork — Read a posting carefully and ensure your paperwork matches what the job posting outlines in the desired/required qualifications section. Pay special attention to such requirements as an up-to-date criminal record check.

Apply to individual postings — For education work in Nunavut, you apply directly to a specific posting for a particular school, as opposed to being put in a pool of eligible applicants. This means each job posting you want to apply for needs its own application. Remember to include the position number for the specific posting in each application.

Match your cover letter to the job posting  — Ensure your cover letter directly addresses what the employer is looking for. You can find this information in the job posting, most likely under the desired/required qualifications section.

Applying for substitute work — If you are looking for substitute work, please contact the schools directly for more information.  

Meet deadlines — Know your application deadlines and submit your documentation on time.

Teaching couples — If you apply as a teaching couple, please clearly state this in your cover letter and documentation.

Nunavut’s priority hiring policy — Nunavut has a priority hiring policy that will affect what pool your application will fall into. This territory-wide policy can lengthen the time a Regional School Operations or the Commission scolaire francophone du Nunavut (RSO/CSFN) needs to screen, process and respond to job applications. In other words, the screening process may take longer in Nunavut. So if a RSO or the CSFN does not contact you immediately, please be patient.

For a copy of this policy click here.

If you have questions about the policy click here.

If you are currently working as an educator (in an NTA, Nunavut Teachers' Association) position, your should be aware of the teacher hiring protocols negotiated each year between the NTA and Government of Nunavut (GN), to understand where you are in the priority hiring categories. Click here for the English, French or the Inuktitut version. 

Timeline — Only applicants selected for interviews are contacted. On average it takes about two to three weeks to screen and hire the successful applicant after a job posting closes. If you have any questions, direct them to the contact person listed on the Education Canada job posting you have applied for.

Prepare questions for the hiring committee — Before an interview prepare questions you may want to ask the hiring committee. For example, at the end of your interview you may want to ask the committee about students, school programming, the community, relocation, housing and Nunavut’s curriculum.