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Teach in Nunavut

Teach in Nunavut


Thank you for your interest in teaching in Nunavut! Just like the environment of the North, teaching in Nunavut offers many rewarding and challenging opportunities. This section of our website contains useful information on how to find and apply for work in Nunavut; how the territory’s hiring process works; testimonials on teaching in Nunavut; as well as answers to frequently asked questions. We hope you find it useful!

Employment Opportunities

To find out what jobs are available, please visit the Education Canada website.

Job postings are forwarded to the Education Canada site throughout the year so check back often!


Teaching in Nunavut makes for a unique and rewarding experience! While working with incredible students, educators also get the opportunity to experience the vibrant Inuit culture and a vast and diverse northern environment.

On a practical level, as part of their employment contracts, Nunavut teachers receive a competitive salary and benefits package. It includes a northern living allowance, relocation assistance (if applicable), subsidized staff housing and many professional development opportunities.